Turnkey Solar & Solar Steam Systems

Individual Turnkey Systems

Using the sun as a primary Energy source is the most sustainable way to yield energy for any heating purpose. ECOTHERM is planning designing and manufacturing individual solar turnkey systems exact as per customer’s needs. Therefore, ECOTHERM uses either highly efficient flat collectors for sola thermal systems or own developed Fresnel mirror collectors for solar steam systems. Turnkey solar solutions from ECOTHERM are covering the design and sizing of the collector array, energy storage by buffer tanks, hot water generation by clarifiers and heat exchangers backup heating systems either by boiler, heat pump or electricity and a  master control panel with latest PLC technology which guarantees a high efficient operation of all components. ECOTHERM solar and solar steam solutions are mostly used in hotels hospitals for hot water generation and heating or in industrial applications for process heat.


• individual solution tailor-made to customers’ requirements
• all components perfectly in tune with each other
• one partner for all project phases (from design to aftersales)
• most space saving efficient and economic design
• high quality products from own production and certified suppliers
• master control panel to control and monitor all system components
• patented Fresnel mirror collectors for solar steam systems


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