Turnkey Electric Heating Systems

Individual Turnkey Systems

Due to the continues extension of renewable energy sources converting electrical energy to heat gets more and more popular again. ECOTHERM’s electric heating systems can be either used for heating and hot water generation in hotels hospitals or industrial applications or in power to heat systems for thermal storage or district heating. The scope of ECOTHERM turnkey electric heating systems includes planning design manufacturing of electric heaters either heating with flange heating or individual screw in heating elements well as pre-piping and pre-wiring and master control panel with latest PLC technology ensuring high efficiency and safe operation of all components.


• individual solution tailor-made to customers’ requirements
• all components perfectly in tune with each other
• one partner for all project phases (from design to aftersales)
• most space saving efficient and economic design
• high quality products from own production and certified suppliers
• master control panel to control and monitor all system components


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