We offer an extensive range of excellent services starting from advice and consulting, to planning, engineering, supervision and specialized trainings.

Supplying an individual turnkey solution, ECOTHERM provides various services starting from design, 3D visualization, project management, over manufacture, pre-assembly, pre-wiring and testing to shipping, commissioning, supervision and maintenance. Experienced ECOTHERM engineers ensure that your system operates stable, save, reaches the desired output and they train your staff how to monitor and control the most important parameters of the system. Premium quality of the products and premium service during the whole project is the minimum you should claim for your system. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual or Augmented Reality is an interactive computer-generated experience within a simulated environment. It allows new forms of communication between companies and their customers, supporting current manners of customer service. ECOTHERM offers virtual reality models of complete turnkey systems or individual components for realistic product presentations and simple cooperation without on-site presence.

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Online Meetings

As a worldwide operating company, it’s a simple matter of course for ECOTHERM to use online meetings as a central communication tool with international partners. Not only project meetings and daily communication in international projects are held in online meetings, ECOTHERM also provides the service of online webinars for partners, consultants, contractors, investors and customers. Latest innovations, technologies and trends are frequently presented in our online webinars.

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ECOSIZE. A self-developed design software.

ECOTHERM’s leading edge technology is based on solid foundations. Thanks to decades of experience gained from thousands of high capacity water heater installations, ECOTHERM has created unique design databases using modeling software based on actual installations and over 65,000 performance measurements taken on their purpose built testing. The software ECOSIZE individuality designs your systems according to these data. It is used by all ECOTHERM franchisees worldwide.

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Planning and Construction.

As a turnkey supplier ECOTHERM usually joins a project right from the planning-stage at the beginning. With modern calculation tools and software ECOTHERM supports consultants by dimensioning a system which is efficient economic and space saving. With latest CAD software 3D models of e.g. a boiler room is designed and components will be placed in the right order. This ensures that the final system meets the project’s budget, is manufactured and delivered in time and that the desired performance of the system can be reached for sure. Moreover the CAD data from the design are the basis for the start of the operations scheduling.

Research and Development.

ECOTHERM is always open to new ideas, smf constantly investigate new technologies and develops path-breaking and future-oriented products. Many patents are the result of the in-house innovation management. The base of our successful innovation management system is the production facility in Austria, which is also equipped with a in-house testing lab. New ECOTHERM products are tested according to the highest European standards. Furthermore, components from selected suppliers are also tested in detail before they may become part of an ECOTHERM turnkey solution.

Trainings with ECOTHERM Academy.

The ECOTHERM team and all international authorized ECOTHERM partners are continuously refreshing their know-how with exceptional trainings and seminars that the ECOTHERM Academy provides. Therefore, ECOTHERM engineers either teach about basic and advantage knowledge of hot water steam and solar systems as well as about update about latest innovations of ECOHTERM.

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You need detailed information about high-quality products you intend to include in the design of your hot water, steam or solar system? Find all technical brochures including diagrams and performance data, as well as our certificates, operation manuals and YouTube videos in our download area.

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