Sidra Medical and Research Center

2012, Qatar

With its 412 hospital rooms and 400 beds, Sidra Medical and Research Center is truly a landmark development on a total floor space of 130,000 m2. It is the first academic medical center in the region, being designed and planned to have the best international standards in health sciences.

ECOTHERM Installations

3x Steam Boilers 15,000 kg/h, 16 bar 2x Feed Water Tanks 16,000 l/each 1x Cold Water Tank 2,000 l
Blow Down Tank & Flash Vessel
3x Condensate Return Stations
26x ECOTHERM High Capacity EDRE Domestic Steam to Water Heaters
6x ECOTHERM High Capacity LTHW Steam to Water Heat Stations
4x ECOTHERM High Capacity EHRE Water to Water Heat Stations
3x Clean Steam Generators, each 950 kg/h PRV-Stations for the different pressure ranges
Valves and Accessories for Steam and Condensate Distribution