Grand Hyatt Hotel

2008, Doha/Qatar

The Grand Hyatt Hotel is in a new city district of Doha on the West Bay coast. The sea wall leads to the Pearl Qatar Project and is only 20 km distant from Doha International Airport.

ECOTHERM Installations
3x Steam boiler three-pass reverse flame (4,000 kg/h)
Modulating oil/gas boiler (3,000 kW)
Automatic blow down and desalination kit
Blow down cooler
Feed water tank with pre-heated conditioned water at a temperature of 80 to 90°C and full de-gasing of the condensation
Water softener station (8 m³/h)
6x Stainless steel instantaneous water heaters (450 kW)
2x EDRM stations (600 kW)

Steam Flow Meter
Pressure regulation station for laundry machines
Condensate backflow station
Stainless steels chimney