Al Amiri Hospital

2017, Kuwait

The Amiri hospital is a general hospital located in Kuwait City, serving about 400,000 patients per year. The hospital was built in 1949 to be the first government owned hospital in Kuwait. In 2010 a new complex was planned to be built as an extension to the existing hospital. The new building has 415 beds, 12 floors and an overall gross area of 141,816 square meters. 

ECOTHERM Installations
1x feed water tank, 8.000 ltr
1x blow down cooler, 1.000 ltr
1x condensate return station 3.000 ltr
1x clean steam generator 2500kg/h
8x high capacity water heaters EDRE 220 kW – 2500 kW, 3.000 – 6.000 ltr
2x high capacity water cooler ECM 3 – 20 m2 per hour