Solar Thermal Collectors

custom-designed collectors for all applications

ESCF-V series flat plate collectors are manufactured according to European standards and have the full-face selective coating aluminum absorber. Solar collectors are equipped with powerful rock-wool insulation and special undivided pre-painted (UV protected color) metal sheet which is certified for endurance in near-coastal areas. The ESCF-V collector has a high efficiency thanks to the Clear light glass panel used which increases the amount of solar radiation on the collectors absorber. ESCF-V solar collectors are suitable for DHW heating, swimming pool heating or any solar thermal application. 


  • Solar Keymark (SKM) certified
  • high efficiency
  • selective coated aluminum absorber
  • connect up to 8 collectors in series
  • easy and quick installation in both vertical and horizontal on any type of roof
  • turnkey solar thermal solutions


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