High Capacity Water Heater EDRE

with external shell & tube heat exchanger | 100 – 2,000 kW  | for steam/water operation

The High Capacity Water Heater Type “EDRE” is a steam operated water heater which can be used in e.g. hospitals, hotels (laundry) or the industry. Due to the high energy content of steam, a maximum output of hot water can be ensured with minimal floorspace requirement. 


  • patented shell and tube heat exchanger with turbulator rods
  • vertical condensate controlled heat exchanger for maximum power yield
  • controller with touch panel, anti-fouling & anti.legionella cycle, monitoring and BMS
  • automatic steam side shutoff valve prevents overheating
  • saves up to 95% floor space compared to conventional design
  • high quality stainless steel AISI316Ti and Duplex


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