High Capacity Water Heater EHSF

with internal spiral flat heating coil | 50 – 1.000 kW | for water/water operation

The unique design of the spiral flat heating coil, located in the lowest and coldest part of the storage tank, ensures a highly efficient heat transfer and low return temperatures. The “EHSF” water heater is used for water/water operation in e.g. sport stadiums, hotels, residential buildings and for heat recovery. 


  • large heat exchanger surface up to 20m² in one layer (e.g. 35m² heat exchanger surface in a 1.000 liter storage tank)
  • perfect water heater for heat pumps
  • increased heat transfer rate
  • “free floating” heat exchanger mounted with plastic spacing guides
  • low return temperatures
  • 97% standby capacity


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