High Capacity Water Heater EHRE

with external shell & tube heat exchanger | 50 – 2.000 kW | for water/water operation

The High Capacity Water Heater Type “EHRE” is perfectly suitable for applications with high hot water demand and very small available space. The EHRE water heater is used for water/water operation e.g. for hotels, hospitals, residential homes or the industry.


  • patented shell and tube heat exchanger with turbulator rods
  • cold water heats up from 12°C to 60°C in one second
  • reduction of fouling and scaling deposits due to turbulent water flow
  • controller with touch panel, anti-fouling & anti-legionella cycle, monitoring and BMS
  • saves up to 95% floor space compared to conventional design
  • high quality stainless steel AISI316Ti and Duplex


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