Strategic alliance of ECOTHERM and Jeremias
On 30th of November ECOTHERM Austria GmbH from Hartkirchen, Austria, sealed a strategic alliance with Jeremias GmbH based in Wassertrüdingen, Germany. As of now the cooperation at individual turnkey solar, hot water and steam systems is intensified especially in the Middle East. The aim is to offer together high quality solutions made of stainless steel. “Jeremias has already delivered stainless steel chimneys for some ECOTHERM projects. Now we integrate Jeremias as fixed part of the ECOTHERM Academy for the training of our employees,” says Herbert Bremstaller, CEO and founder of ECOTHERM Austria GmbH. “Our companies have many similarities. So we want to interconnect our design software with the one from ECOTHERM. This will improve designing plants in future,” explains Wolfgang Geiser, CFO of Jeremias GmbH. Moreover additional common communication activities are planned. The cooperation has been fixed after the mounting of a Jeremias chimney in the ECOTHERM headquarters in Hartkirchen. The stainless steel chimney is part of a steam system, which is used for the test plant.

Valuable partnership
“Partnership is one of the key values of ECOTHERM. In addition as a family business we operate based on long-term considerations. Therefore we focus on strategic cooperations such as with Jeremias, to sustainably improve our products and services,“ says Bremstaller. From now on there are fixed training modules in the ECOTHERM Academy – so called ECOCELLS -, that provide technical know-how about Jeremias chimney systems at different knowledge levels. All ECOTHERM sales engineers have to complete these. In addition, corresponding sales documents are created.

Perfect symbiosis
“The cooperation of the previous projects has proven that Jeremias and ECOTHERM have many similarities. It begins at the key values – quality and innovation mark our daily business – and ends with the individual production,” explains Geiser his motivation for this alliance. Jeremias has already developed a design software for chimneys and exhaust systems. This software will now be interconnected with the planning program “ECOSIZE” of ECOTHERM. This means that in future all worldwide partners of ECOTHERM can easily and independently design small hot water or steam systems, including the exhaust system.

Jeremias: the company
The Jeremias Group is one of Europe’s leading manufactures of chimneys and exhaust systems made of stainless steel, steel, plastics or ceramics. The company develops and produces chimney solutions for industrial applications and individual residential buildings.

Jeremias stands for service, quality and innovation. The Jeremias Group was founded in 1970 and has more than 600 employees. It has 6 production facilities: Germany (2), Spain, Poland, Czech Republic and Russia. The company has a wide distribution network with partners in more than 30 countries. Jeremias is one of the largest manufacturers of the European heating and ventilation market due to its more than 60 certified exhaust systems.

ECOTHERM: the company
ECOTHERM is the leading brand for turnkey solar, hot water and steam systems for hotels, hospitals and the industry in the Middle East. The product portfolio consists of individual turnkey systems, high capacity water heaters, electric water heaters, hot water and combination tanks, clean steam generators, solar thermal systems, photovoltaic systems, high capacity heat exchangers, industrial products and fibre-fleece insulation.

More than thousand systems have been installed in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Central America. ECOTHERM inspires its clients with “Individual Heat Transfer Solutions” – individual systems in premium quality, with innovative products and premium service from the planning up to implementing.

ECOTHERM is a brand of ECOTHERM Austria GmbH with its headquarters in Hartkirchen, Austria. Additional branches of the ECOTHERM Group are in the United Arab Emirates (2), Kuwait, Hungary, Mexico and China. ECOTHERM Austria GmbH was founded by company owner Herbert Bremstaller in 1996. The origin of the family company dates back to 1880. The ECOTHERM Group employs worldwide 110 employees, 52 of them in the headquarters in Hartkirchen.

ECOTHERM Austria GmbH is a TÜV tested welding company to ISO 3834-2 and ISO 9001 : 2008 for calculation, design, production and sale of pressure vessels, heat exchangers as well as for solar, hot water and steam systems.