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ECOTHERM stainless steel high capacity water heater “EHSF” with internal flat spiral heating coil.
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🌱 Sustainable
💡 Energy & Space Saving
💧 Ideal for heat pumps
✅ Reduction of scaling

ECOTHERM flat spiral heating coils are produced with heat exchange surfaces from 2.4 to 18 m2  (in one layer) and a height of only 12 cm – suitable for storage tanks from 380 to 4000 liters. 

Due to the horizontal installation, the ECOTHERM flat spiral heating coil offers maximum heat exchanger surface in the cold water zone, and therefore maximum heat transfer rate and a standby volume of 97%. Conventional heating coils, on the other hand, are located in a mixed temperature zone between 10 and 60 degrees. This minimizes the heat transfer rate, and the standby volume is reduced to about 70 percent.

With thousands of successful installations in the last decades, ECOTHERM has become one of the technology and innovation leaders for individual hot water, steam, and solar solutions on the market. Each system is individually designed according to the requirements of the customer.