New Assembly and Production Hall at ECOTHERM Headquarters

A new hall with a floor area of around 1,000 m² was completed in December 2011. This facility will be used as an assembly hall, as well as the new “home” for the insulation production.

The hall was built because of our increased space requirement for handling plant construction work needed for the development and coordination of our major projects. It also creates an optimal environment for our insulation materials production. The capacity this development leaves us in the present production hall will be put to good use for new welding workplaces and for producing special stainless steel structures. The planned move into the new building will be in October 2011.

The roof of the new hall will also bring a big energy input – around 125 m2 of roof mounted vacuum tube collectors are to go into operation. ECOTHERM is already using 300 m2 of flat plate solar collectors. A photovoltaic facility with an output of approx. 30 kW is to be installed on the new administration building and on the old production hall. Company proprietor Herbert Bremstaller is proud of his path-breaking new building: “We will now be generating some 50 percent more energy for our heating needs in the seasonal transition periods and for our cooling requirements in summer”, he said.