Introducing ECOTHERM's latest innovation: The Magnetic-Dynamic Separators "EMDS"

The Magnetic-Dynamic Separator is a proven method to permanently protect systems from corrosion, scale and sludge loads without chemical water treatment. With the use of the EMDS, the water quality required by VDI2035 is maintained. The content of mineral substances and the conductivity are reduced and the pH value is corrected.

Advantages of the Magentic-Dynamic Separator “EMDS”

✓  Flushing of new equipment is not required. After switching on the water circuit, mobilized impurities are quickly and effectively separated.
✓ The water quality according to guideline VDI 2035 is achieved within a short time
✓ Corrosion protection (magnetite protection layer) is achieved shortly after commissioning of the EMDS
✓ The plant efficiency is maintained by the EMDS during the entire operating time
✓ Clear water operation is achieved after a very short time
✓ Significant reduction of conductivity
✓ Correction of the pH value
✓ Water hardness is reduced to a negligible value close to zero
✓ All the above results are also valid for existing plants
✓ Incrustations and deposits are broken down and removed
✓ Surface heating systems become sludge-free. Old systems are rehabilitated
✓ A system separation of underfloor heating and heat generators is not necessary

Read more in our new brochure: ECOTHERM Magnetic-Dynamic Separators (PDF)
or watch our new Explainer video directly on YouTube.