ECOTHERM Hot Water System for the Grosvenor House Dubai - successfully in operation since 2004!

With its two iconic 48-storey towers, the Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai is a landmark of unrivaled luxury complemented by breathtaking panoramic views of both the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai Marina. ECOTHERM had the honor to deliver our sustainable, energy- & space saving ECOTHERM Hot Water Solution for this unique luxury hotel.

The original design proposal from the MEP consultant required a capacity of 64,000 liters for the hot water system of one tower. After our value engineering, the consultant and client decided to install our ECOTHERM Hot Water Solution, which required only 2x 2,000 liters calorifiers and 2x 2,000 kW hot water boilers instead of 64,000 liters hot water storage volume and 3,000 kW hot water boiler capacity. The result was an enormous energy- and space saving.

We achieved this by heating the water on demand with our High Capacity Water Heaters and patented Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers with turbulator rods which heats up the water from 12°C to 60°C or higher, in just one second. Additionally, the oscillating turbulator rods inside the tubes secure a turbulent flow which minimizes the risk of scaling and fouling.

All our water heaters are made of high-quality stainless steel which is the most hygienic material and does not require additional lining, painting or enameling. Our fiber-fleece insulation is produced from recycled PET-bottles and the insulation values are better than conventional soft or hard foam insulations.

Our control panels with 3D visualization allow easy operation, permanent control, performance monitoring, anti-legionella and anti-fouling cycle, remote control and integration in any BMS system.

ECOTHERM Hot Water, Steam & Solar Systems are successfully in operation worldwide for many decades!
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