Exploring the Future of Energy Storage: Insights from the 'Economic Viability of Energy Storage' Workshop

On March 18th, the workshop “Wirtschaftlichkeit der Energiespeicherung” (Economic Viability of Energy Storage), organized as part of the Heat Highway and IEA ES Task 41 projects, brought together technology providers and research institutions to discuss the future of energy storage technologies.

The event highlighted the necessity for a diverse range of storage solutions, from Electrical and Thermal to Chemical, to meet future energy demands.

Our colleague, Felix Brandstätter, Researcher at ECOTHERM, took this opportunity to share insights on our Electric Hot Water and Steam Boilers, along with our newly developed Ice Storage Solutions, demonstrating our commitment to innovative energy storage and management solutions.

The workshop provided an overview of the latest developments and challenges in the field of energy storage, highlighting the importance of an integrated approach to ensure a sustainable and economical energy supply for the future.