Red Sea Development Project: Leading Solutions for a Sustainable Future

The Red Sea Development Project in Saudi Arabia is a prime example of sustainable luxury. We are excited to be part of every hotel project under construction in this initiative, together with our esteemed partner Al Maymanah Contracting Co. LTD. Our work includes collaborations with top-tier resorts such as the Six Senses Southern Dunes, Rosewood Amaala & Wellness Core, Four Seasons Hotels, and the new Nujuma Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

For the Nujuma Ritz Carlton Reserve at the Ummahat Al Shayk Islands, ECOTHERM installed 14 High Capacity Water Heaters with capacities from 1,250 to 2,500 liters. This project was completed in 10 weeks, meeting all deadlines. The solar systems we provided ensure a reliable hot water supply while significantly reducing the environmental impact, enhancing the area’s sustainability.

Our Spiral Flat Heat Exchanger, which was also used in the project, maximizes the heat exchange surface area due to its spiral shape and enhances efficiency through its flat, horizontal design. It’s particularly suitable for use with solar systems as it optimizes heat transfer and minimizes energy consumption.

ECOTHERM’s role in these projects goes beyond providing solutions, we are setting new standards in hospitality and environmental responsibility. As the Red Sea Development Project grows, ECOTHERM is ready to support future expansions, reinforcing our position as a leader in innovative and sustainable projects worldwide.