ECOTHERM Elevates Malta's Hospitality Sector with Sustainable Hot Water Solutions

ECOTHERM is proud to announce the successful commissioning of two new high-capacity water heaters at Corinthia Hotels St. Georges Bay and Marina in Malta, marking a significant milestone in delivering premium quality, reliable solutions to the hospitality industry. These advanced ECOTHERM Hot Water Systems now efficiently supply fresh, hygienic hot water to approximately 300 hotel rooms each, achieving a remarkable 65% reduction in floorspace and a 26% savings in energy consumption. This innovative approach not only ensures guest comfort and satisfaction but also aligns with global sustainability goals by significantly reducing the environmental footprint.

Furthering our commitment to sustainability, ECOTHERM recently participated in the ENERGYNEXT event, organized by our local partner, MI Select. The event provided a platform to showcase our sustainable hot water solutions and engage in meaningful discussions with the island’s leading engineers. Together, we explored strategies to reduce CO2 emissions and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future. At ECOTHERM, we are dedicated to advancing the integration of eco-friendly technologies in the hospitality sector and beyond, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation.