Explore our Hot Water, Steam & Solar Systems in VIRTUAL REALITY

Explore our ECOTHERM Hot Water, Steam & Solar Systems in VIRTUAL REALITY –
online, from any device, at any time. 👉 VR TOUR

Virtual or Augmented Reality is an interactive computer-generated experience within a simulated environment. It allows new forms of communication between companies and their customers, supporting and replacing current manners of customer service.

In times like today, with travel restrictions and focus on sustainability, ECOTHERM offers complete virtual project management, starting from the design stage, production, factory acceptance test, testing and commissioning to maintenance and after-sales-services.

We developed a virtual environment for VR models of our ECOTHERM Turnkey Solutions for realistic product presentations and simple customer support without on-site presence. ECOTHERM products can be viewed and interacted with at all times, no matter where you currently are. Product trainings can also be implemented this way.

Just a few months ago, we completed a project for an ECOTHERM Turnkey Electric Clean Steam Generator , using only online software, video meetings and virtual reality. No personal meetings were required during the entire project until pre-commissioning. Only for T&C a site visit was requested by the client.