ECOTHERM at the meeting of EU energy ministers in Linz

The meeting of the EU energy ministers took place on 17 – 18 September 2018 in the Design Center in Linz, Austria. Discussions included the increasing investment in hydrogen technologies in order to eliminate fossil fuels and nuclear energy, as well as the importance of energy storage solutions. Energy Minister Elisabeth Köstinger explained in an interview that renewable forms of energy must be integrated more into the energy system in order to come closer to the Europe-wide climate goals. We must also be able to use renewable energies when the sun isn’t shining, the water level is low and the wind isn’t blowing, says Köstinger. This is why energy storage solutions are so important. During the conference the ministers were able to gather some information about ongoing energy projects in Austria. Roland Schneemeyer, Export & Sales Manager at ECOTHERM Headquarters, represented the company at the conference in September. EU commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete had a closer look at ECOTHERM’s innovative solutions for solar steam generation in the industry as well as the development of modular Fresnel collectors.