King Abdullah Specialized Hospital for Children

2011, Riyadh/Saudi Arabia

This hospital specializes in the treatment of sick children. It is the first hospital of the kind in Saudi Arabia and has 85,000 m² of floor space. The building has a capacity of 350 beds, and makes available concentrated paediatric medical care. Each hospital ward has its own classrooms, play rooms, storage areas and other support services.

ECOTHERM supplied a turnkey facility for hot water and steam production consisting of:
• 5x Steam boilers (6.820 kg/hour, 12 bar)
• 1x Feed storage water tank (25,200 litres)
• 4x Clean steam generator (3,550 kg/h at 10 bar)
• 11x High-performance stainless steel instantaneous water heaters

There are six hospital departments with the following sub-divisions:
• A general department (25 beds)
• Two surgical units (25 beds)
• Oncology (25 beds) plus bone marrow transplantation (10 beds)
• ICU (25 beds)
• 6 VIP suites and allocation of 15–20 beds for the Business Centre
• Emergency Department (42 beds)

The complex comprises in addition: Two out-patient wards (25 beds) for surgical operations, examinations, sedation, endoscopy, peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis, neurology, neurophysiology, nerve conduction velocity studies, pain therapy, orthopaedic services and out-patient treatment.