Ramadan Mubarak from ECOTHERM!

As this weekend the Holy Month of Ramadan begins, we want to share two amazing projects we had in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 

At the beginning of 2021, ECOTHERM had the honor to deliver a total of 13 Stainless Steel Tanks between 1,500 – 8,000 liters capacity. These tanks were installed in the Islamic welfare town of Mecca, where they are used to treat the «Zamzam water». Zamzam is the name of the well in the courtyard of the Great Mosque in Mecca. The water from this well is said to have originated in paradise and thus to have healing properties. 

Today, the water is extracted from the well with the help of electric pumps. The water quality is constantly controlled and ensured by filtration and UV disinfection. To satisfy the increased demand during the pilgrimage, the water is temporarily stored in large tanks. 

In 2006, we had the pleasure to equip the second tallest building in the world, the Abraj Al Bait and Mecca Royal Clock Tower (601 meters), with Electric Hot Water Systems. A total of 63 Stainless Steel Electric Water Heaters with a total capacity of 3,900 kW and 66,150 liters of hot water were supplied. 

Read more about this project: https://ecotherm.com/en/references/abraj-al-bait-towers-mecca-royal-clock-tower-hotel/

We wish you and your families a peaceful, joyful and prosperous Holy Month of Ramadan!