HyCool Project:
Solar heat for greener, more energy-efficient industrial processes

With the HYCOOL Project EU, ECOTHERM demonstrates that solar heat can become a reliable energy source for greener, more energy-efficient industrial processes. 

For more than 35 years, ECOTHERM has been specializing on the manufacturing of stainless steel hot water, steam and solar systems for hotels, hospitals and industry in the whole world. One important focus is to save costs and energy throughout the entire life-time of a building. The products and solutions from ECOTHERM save valuable resources by using renewable energies. ECOTHERM high-performance plants have minimal space requirements and provide maximum energy savings. When planning new products, ECOTHERM engineers take all the qualitative and economic principles into account in accordance with the ecological principles.

We designed and implemented our Solar Steam System in two industrial demonstration pilots, while allowing a flexible and easy integration of the system into existing industrial environments.

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