High capacity storage tanks with large heat exchanger surfaces

Maximal flexibility for water heating with patented flat heating coils and tube heat exchangers. Up to 20m2
heat exchanger surface area possible with internal heating coils.

ECOTHERM – specialized in solar, hot water and steam systems – manufactures high capacity storage tanks with large internal heat exchanger surfaces up to 20m2. One one hand this is based on the individual production of up to 3-fold wound tube heat exchangers made out ​​of stainless steel. On the other hand ECOTHERM uses the self-developed and patented flat heating coils for generating domestic hot water and heating water. This special heating coil has a height of only a few centimetres, and can thus be installed horizontally at the very bottom of the storage tank. For high capacity storage tanks it is possible to mount several flat heating coils on top of each other, or to combine with tube heat exchangers or to use only tube heat exchangers. “We can install large heat exchanger surfaces up to 20 square meters in small storage tanks with, for example, an output of 350 kW. The heat exchanger surface is thus up to four times bigger than at conventional products,” explains Herbert Bremstaller, founder and CEO of ECOTHERM Austria GmbH. At the beginning of this year the Austrian company based in Hartkirchen has started to program the sizing software ECOSIZE. This program should enable registered users to quickly and easily configure storage tanks and even small compact systems – up to a complete offer.