CFD Analysis:
High Capacity Water Heater "EHSF" vs. Conventional Water Heater

We analyzed and compared our ECOTHERM High Capacity Water Heater “EHSF” to a conventional water heater. With a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation we analyzed the fluid flows and temperature layering from the two water heaters with the same capacity and heat exchange surface and evaluated four different comparisons.

Comparison 1: Heating 30 minutes to 60°C
After 30 minutes, only the ECOTHERM «EHSF» is 100%  heated to around 61°C.

Comparison 2: Withdrawal of hot water at 12 L/min for 10 minutes
After 10 minutes of hot water withdrawal, the temperature layering of the ECOTHERM «EHSF» is still intact.

Comparison 3: Withdrawal of hot water at 20 L/min for 10 minutes
Due to the higher heat transfer capacity of the ECOTHERM «EHSF»  heat exchanger, the amount of heat stored in the ECOTHERM water heater is higher than in the conventional water heater.

Comparison 4: Withdrawal of hot water at 50 L/min for 10 minutes
With a conventional water heater, only 50 % of the storage volume is at 45°C. With the ECOTHERM Water Heater «EHSF», around 80 % are still at 45°C.

The comparisons demonstrate the advantages of ECOTHERM High Capacity Water Heaters «EHSF»:

• 100% of the storage volume is heated up to 60°C
• Perfect temperature layering during heat up and withdrawal of hot water
• 100% of the heat exchange surface at the very bottom of the tank on a height of only 150mm,
therefore highest efficiency and less sensitive to scaling
• Appr. 30% higher hot water capacity

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