Hot Water for Abraj Al Bait & Mecca Royal Clock Hotel Tower

ECOTHERM has provided highest quality hot water supply facilities for the second highest building in the world (601 metres) the Abraj Al Bait Towers and the Mecca Royal Clock Hotel Tower, which come after the significantly higher Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828 metres).

The main tower boasts a huge clock face that can be clearly seen for telling the time from a distance of 7 kilometres. It is an architectural echo of Big Ben and is crowned with a long and thick spire topped with a half-moon crescent. This highly compact building complex was erected with over one million square metres of floor area, to provide accommodation for the numerous Muslim pilgrims who flock each year to the mosques and sacred places in Mecca; when fully occupied 30,000 people live here.

A total of 63 stainless steel electric water heaters with a total output of 3,900 kW and 66,150 litres of hot water were supplied.

  • 2x EEHE-T1S-200-7500-HA-10-SS
  • 2x EEHE-T1S-250-3800-VA-10-SS
  • 1x EEHE-T1S-250-3600-VA-10-SS
  • 1x EECE-T1S-22,5-540-VA-10-SS
  • 31x EEII-T1S-45-VA
  • 3x EEHE-T1S-50-650-VA-10-SS
  • 1x EEII-T1S-24-VA
  • 1x EEHE-T1S-50-750-VA-10-SS
  • 1x EEHE-T1S-24-1500-VA-10-SS
  • 2x EEHE-T1S-50-1500-VA-10-SS
  • 1x EEHE-T1S-150-3200-VA-10-SS
  • 1x EEHE-T1S-150-9000-HA-10-SS
  • 2x EEHE-T1S-125-10000-HA-10-SS
  • 1x EEII-BS-4,5-HA
  • 1x EEII-T1S-30-HA
  • 4x EEII-T1S-24-HA
  • 8x EEII-T1S-36-HA