Electric Boilers

If fossil fuels such as oil or gas are not available or a chimney system is not possible to install, the ideal solution is an electric boiler. Due to the continuous extension of renewable energy sources, it can happen that at a certain time of the day a surplus of electrical energy is available. This surplus can be converted to thermal energy in so called “Power to Heat” systems. ECOTHERM offers individual, turnkey, skid- or container mounted electric boiler solutions with no carbon footprint or site emissions, making it the ideal choice to decarbonize your factory and reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals. ECOTHERM electric boilers are nearly 100% efficient, regardless of output.

Electric Steam Boiler

output from 250kg/h – 10,000kg/h |
pressures from 2bar – 16bar |
skid-mounted & pre-assembled

Electric Steam Boiler

output from 200 – 5,000kg/h | pressures from 2bar up to 12bar

Electric Hot Water Boiler

with heating elements | up to 30 MW