About Us.

ECOTHERM Austria is the leading brand for individual Hot Water, Steam and Solar Systems for hotels and hospitals, as well as commercial & industrial applications. With distributors in more than 25 countries, thousands of references and premium quality and support, ECOTHERM is a preferred partner. ECOTHERM develops, designs, produces and supplies stainless steel components, like: high capacity water heaters, shell&tube heat exchangers, flat spiral heat exchangers, pressure vessels, boilers, insulations, as well as packaged, energy & space saving hot water, steam and solar „turnkey solutions“.

International Organisation.

ECOTHERM is organized worldwide within three time zones. In each time zone a support center assists ECOTHERM partners as sales, marketing, project management and after sales service:

•  ECOTHERM Support Center Latin America, Cancun
•  ECOTHERM Support Center Europe, Hartkirchen/Austria
•  ECOTHERM Support Center Middle East, Dubai

Feel free to contact our support center or an authorized ECOTHERM partner in your area.


Mission Statement.


ECOTHERM amazes its customers with individual hot water, steam and solar systems.


ECOTHERM is one of the leading brands of individual solutions for hot water, steam and solar systems
for hotels, hospitals and industry in Europe, Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Central America.