ECOTHERM combines all available primary Energy sources such as gas, oil, electricity waste heat and renewables for the most efficient hot water, steam and solar systems. Therefore, our engineers choose the most suitable products for individual turnkey system. All components are perfectly coordinated with each other. This ensures maximum efficiency and therefore maximum return of investment. More than 1,000 installed systems in the last decade ensure the right know-how for individually designed turnkey solutions.

Hot Water

Project Phases

Costumers can rely to 100% on ECOTHERM through out all project phases.  The services range includes initial design studies, 3D visualization, project management, manufacturing, pre-assembling, pre-wiring and testing, shipping, commissioning, supervision and maintenance. Experienced ECOTHERM engineers ensure that the system operates stable, save, reaches the desired output and train staff how to monitor and control the most important parameters of the system. Local authorized and well-trained partners, ensure a close relationship with all project partners such as investors, consultants, contractors and subcontractors as well as operations and service companies throughout the whole project.

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Phase 1: Design

• 3D CAD Design
• Virtual Reality Models
• ECOSIZE software for sizing
• Calculations
• Product Presentations

Phase 2: Production

• High Quality Materials
• Modern manufacturing
• Piping, Assembling & Wiring Testing
• Transport

Phase 3: On-Site

• Local transportation
• Installation
• Site coordination & Supervision
• Commissioning

Phase 4: After Sales

• Documentation
• Training of operating staff
• Maintenance & Service
• Spare parts management

OEM Products & Solutions

Beside complete turnkey systems ECOTHERM also develops, produces and supplies individual branded OEM products for customers like manufacturers of heat pumps and boilers. They benefit from over 35 year of experience in development and production of water heating solutions. Together with them ECOTHERM develops the ideal product for the applications and markets of the OEM customer. If required ECOTHERM can also execute any necessary certifications like SVGW/DVGW on our inhouse testing rig. Due to our local production in Austria, highest quality standards and short and flexible delivery periods can be achieved. Individual branding in the customer’s cooperate design e.g. on insulation and nameplate as well as documentations, manuals and catalogues with the customer’s logo and design are completing the whole service of ECOTHERM’s OEM solutions.

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High Capacity Water Heaters

Made of High Quality Stainless Steel 50 - 10.000 L | 50 - 2.000 kW

Storage Water Heaters

Made of High Quality Stainless Steel 200 - 20.000 L

Electric Water Heaters

Incoloy or Ceramic Heating Elements 50 - 10,000 L | 3 - 1.500 kW

Heat Exchangers

various models for all applications customized solutions