Abraj Al Bait Towers & Mecca Royal Clock Tower

2007, Saudi Arabia

After equipping Burj Khalifa with turnkey hot water systems, ECOTHERM has also provided products, such as high-quality electrical hot water systems, for the third- highest building in the world – the 601-meter Abraj Al Bait Towers and the Mecca Royal Clock Hotel Tower.

The edifice’s main tower features a Big Ben-styled time- piece with a clock that can be read from up to a distance of 7 kilometers. The tower is topped by a long, solid spire ending in a half-moon at its apex. The extremely compact building complex offers over one million square meters of floor space and was constructed to accommodate the numerous Muslim pilgrims who visit the Great Mosque and other holy sites in Mecca: when full, the complex can house over 30,000 people.

ECOTHERM Installations
A total of 63 stainless steel electrical hot water systems were supplied,
with a combined output of 3,900 kW and 66,150 liters of hot water.

Electrical Water Heaters:
2x 200 kW 7500 liters
2x 250 kW 3800 liters
1x 250 kW 3600 liters
1x 22,5 kW 540 liters
3x 50 kW 650 liters
1x 50 kW 750 liters
1x 24 kW 1500 liters
2x 50 kW 1500 liters
1x 150 kW 3200 litres
1x 150 kW 9000 liters

Instantaneous Electric W.H.:
31x 45 kW
1x 24 kW
1x 4,5 kW
1x 30 KW 1x 24 kW
1x 36 kW