Start of production: solar steam for Givaudan

ECOTHERM is supplying the key technology components for a direct steam generating solar system at Givaudan production site in San Celoni near Barcelona. The 800m² of solar mirrors will concentrate the sun onto a receiver and directly generate steam. The steam drum provided by Ecotherm in combination with a control system ensures constant pressure and temperature (25bar, 225 °C) of the generated solar steam which is then fed into the existing steam network of the plant. This reduces the gas consumption of the existing boiler, saves money, and reduces the carbon footprint.

This infographic shows the ECOTHERM system developed under the HyCool project.

Energy Management
To ensure that the solar energy generated supplies the right consumers at the right time, surpluses are temporarily stored and peak loads are covered, a higher-level energy management system is required. This requires a good understanding of the interaction of the system components and precise knowledge of the energy consumers. To increase efficiency, the weather forecast is also taken into account in the control system. ECOTHERM is responsible for the development of the energy management system, as well as the control of the solar steam system and energy distribution.

The goal is to increase the use of solar heat in industry. In the tender from the EU a practical implementation was specifically required and not just research and development. By comparing measurement data before and after installation, the energy savings will then be made visible. Ultimately, it is about the use of renewable energies in industry that do not produce CO2 in order to come closer to the binding climate targets.

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