Latest innovation from ECOTHERM: high performance spiral heating coil

Top performance with the newly developed and patented high performance spiral heating coil from ECOTHERM.

The high performance spiral heating coil, newly developed and patented by ECOTHERM, has a maximum heat exchange area in the cold water zone due to its design and horizontal installation.

By means of a special production process, steel strips are deformed into a profile, welded and then wound in the form of a spiral. This new production process enables the production in stainless steel and mild steel and reduce the weight by 50%.

With the new spiral heating coil ECOTHERM can provide capacities up to 1,000 kW in a 2,000 litres tank.

The special construction of the register ensures:

• High standby volume (97% of the tank capacity)
• Hygienic water
• High efficiency due to efficient heat transfer
• Optimized heat layering
• Primary energy savings