Solar heat for the industries is finally becoming a reality!

The Fresnel solar field is finally installed in Bo de Debò. After the challenges of the past year, we are excited for the upcoming commissioning of the system. ECOTHERM’s Fresnel solar field has been optimized for industrial applications such as this one: 400m2 of mirror area, which was unloaded, lifted to the roof and installed within less than one day.

Solar Steam: A cutting-edge patented solar technology for the production of steam, process heat or cooling.
ECOTHERM developed its pilot project for solar steam in 2015 as the first on-roof Fresnel system in Austria. Solar steam generation can save energy costs to up to 75% and drastically reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the overall consumption of fossil fuels.

Watch our new video about Solar Steam Generation on YouTube.

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Photo by Dronefels for HyCool project EU.