Factory Acceptance Test for Electric Boiler System:
6MW Power-To-Heat plant for district heating in Hungary

We participated in the Austrian Showcase Event for Energy & Circular Economy in Bulgaria where Marketing Manager, Ms. Adelina Mullabazi, presented our sustainable, energy- and space saving solutions from ECOTHERM!
Bulgaria aims to generate about 30% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030 and become a “circular and low-carbon economy”. As one of the world market leaders for Hot Water, Steam & Solar Thermal Systems, ECOTHERM has the perfect solutions for the Bulgarian market:
🌱 Sustainable, Energy- & Space Saving: ECOTHERM High Capacity Water Heaters
⚡️ Energy Transition with „Power To Heat“ Solutions: ECOTHERM Electric Hot Water & Steam Boilers
☀️ Decarbonization of Industrial Processes: ECOTHERM Solar Process Heat & Steam System
This event was organized by WKÖ and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in Bulgaria.